Seamlessly Book Online Appointments With Booking Plugin

Booking Plugin is a one-stop solution for effortlessly creating customizable online booking forms. Whether you are a small business owner or part of a large organization, the plugin is tailored to all the needs related to appointment operations. 

WPForms Booking makes it easy with its powerful WordPress appointment scheduling plugin.

The most powerful and versatile appointment booking plugin for WordPress.

Simplify scheduling for your business and customers with Contact Form 7 Bookings.

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Beauty & Spa

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Why Choose Booking Plugin for Online Appointments?

Streamlined Booking Experience

With Booking Plugin, you can transform your website into a seamless booking platform. Say goodbye to tedious, manual appointment management. Our plugin integrates seamlessly with three popular platforms: Gravity Forms, WPForms, and Contact Form 7. The compatibility with powerful booking plugins ensures a user-friendly experience for businesses and their clients. 



We believe that your booking forms should reflect your brand’s unique identity. That’s why Booking Plugin offers extensive customization options. Tailor your forms to match your website’s design and branding effortlessly. Choose from various templates, fonts, colors, and layouts to create a booking experience that’s uniquely yours.

Versatile Booking Solutions

No matter your industry or business type, Booking Plugin adapts to your needs. From beauty salons and healthcare clinics to educational institutions and event organizers, our plugin caters to a wide range of businesses. Customize your booking forms to suit your specific requirements and watch your bookings soar.

Seamless Google Calendar Integration

Make your appointment hassle-free and never miss any appointment with our Google Calendar sync feature:
-Know staff availability on Google Calendar.
-Users can see the available slots of a particular staff member
-Book multiple appointments as per Google Calendar.

Why Booking Form Plugin is The Best 

The Booking Form plugin offers comprehensive features to enhance your scheduling processes. With various customization possibilities, you can make your booking process seamless. Here is what you get from Booking Form Plugin:

Customizable fields

Conditional logic

Payment integrations

Email notifications

Change in Booking Status

Flexible form creation

Key Benefits

Easy Installation and Configuration

Book appointments in minutes with the easy-to-use Booking Forms plugin.It is just a matter of minutes to design and configure this seamless online booking plugin.

Proficient and Simple Booking Process

Customers can book appointments online in a few simple steps.Admins can easily manage appointments from the WordPress dashboard.

Unlimited Staff Service Categories and Time Slots

Create unlimited staff members, service categories, and time slots.Assign staff members to specific services and locations.

Add locations for Services

Admin can add multiple locations for your services.Allow customers to choose a location when booking an appointment.

Assign Locations to Staff

Admin can assign staff members to specific locations.Customers will only see staff members who are available at the selected location.

Select Any Service Type Related

Allow customers to select a specific service in a selected service category type when booking an appointment.For example, if a customer selects the “Hair Salon” service category, they should be able to select a specific service type, such as “Haircut” or “Coloring.”

Select Any Staff From the List

Allow customers to select a specific staff member to deliver their service.This is useful for businesses with multiple staff members with different skills and experience levels.

Select Time & Day From Available Days Of Selected Staff

Only show customers the available days and times for the selected staff member.This helps avoid double bookings and ensures customers can always book an appointment with their preferred staff member.

See Booked Appointment Calendar & Appointment

Admins and staff members can view all booked appointments in the calendar.Customers can also view their booked appointments in the Appointment tab.

Marked Holidays Against Every Individual Staff

Mark holidays for each staff member so customers cannot book appointments on those days.This helps to ensure that staff members can take time off when needed.

Do Payment Through The Payment Gateway

All payment gateways of WP Forms add-ons can be utilized as payment gateway activation.Allow customers to pay for their appointments online using a variety of payment gateways. This makes it easy for customers to book and pay for their appointments in one place.

Add Appointments to Google Calendar

Allow customers to sync their booked appointments with their Google Calendar.This helps customers to keep track of their appointments and avoid scheduling conflicts.

Synchronize Appointments to Google Calendar

Sync all of your booked appointments with Google Calendar so that you can view them all in one place.This is useful for businesses with multiple staff members who need to be able to see all of the booked appointments.

Conditional Logic

Use conditional logic to show or hide booking options based on the customer’s selection.For example, you could use conditional logic to show a different list of services depending on the customer’s location.

Emails triggers

Based on specific events, send automated emails to admins, customers, and staff members. It’s possible to send an email alert regarding when an appointment is booked, canceled, or rescheduled.This helps to keep everyone informed and organized.

Mobile Responsive

The Booking Forms plugin is mobile-responsive so customers can book appointments from their smartphones and tablets.This is important because more and more people are using their mobile devices to access the internet.

Calendar Availability

Admins can now set the staff and service for a booking, and the customer will only need to select the appointment date.This makes it easier for customers to book appointments without worrying about selecting the right staff member and service.

Set The Time Zones For The Specific Staff

Admins or staff members can now set their own time zones. This ensures that customers can book appointments in their own time zone, regardless of where the business is located.

Set Timeslots For All The Days Of The Week For The Staff

Admins and staff members can now set time slots for all of the days of the week.This makes it easier to manage staff availability and ensures that customers can book appointments at convenient times.

Start Creating Online Appointments Forms Today

Start Collecting Reservations And Bookings Today.

What is the main purpose of Bookings Forms?

The main purpose of Bookings Forms is to enhance the functionality of your booking system with advanced features and capabilities.

How does this Bookings Forms improve the booking process? 

Bookings Forms improves the booking process by offering features such as advanced scheduling options, automated reminders, integrated payments, and more, depending on the specific functionalities of the Bookings Forms.

Can I use Bookings Forms on multiple websites? 

The usage policy depends on the license you purchase. Some licenses allow for use on multiple websites, while others are limited to a single site.

How do I install and set up these booking forms? 

Installation and setup instructions are provided in the documentation. Typically, you would install it like any other WordPress plugin and then configure it from your WordPress dashboard.

Can I Use the Bookings Form for Contact Form 7, WPForms, and Gravity Forms simultaneously?

Yes! The core idea behind Bookings Forms is that it works as an engine that can be used in conjunction with Contact Form 7, WPForms, and Gravity Forms.

Can I customize my booking form?

Yes! You can do customization as per your business needs using Bookings Forms.

Yes! Bookings Forms gives you the functionality to book multiple appointments for multiple staff in a single day.

Can staff book a slot for an appointment on behalf of a customer?

This is the hallmark of Bookings Forms. You can book your appointment slot as a website admin on behalf of your customer.

Can I send a reminder email for the booked appointment?

Yes! Bookings Forms entails a feature where you can send a reminder email to the customer just before his or her appointment date.

What are the Pricing Plans?

You can see the affordable pricing plan here.

Can I sync my online form with Google Calendar?

Yes! Google Calendar is synchronized with Booking Forms. See the documentation for further details.

What kind of support is available if I encounter issues with the Bookings Forms? 

We offer comprehensive support for our Bookings Forms. If you encounter any issues or have any questions, you can reach out to our support team for assistance.

Are updates to the Bookings Forms included? 

Yes, updates are included for the duration of your license. You will receive notifications in your WordPress dashboard when updates are available.

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